Dr. Julianne Hanson

Psychologist - Chaplain - Intuitive


ALOHA from Maui!  Have you dreamed of being free to have happy, consciously loving relationships that are deeply connected and supportive, with yourself, family or partner, even God? Let’s watch the video and explore how your dreams can become reality.

Video Introducing Maui Spiritual Counseling

I am an experienced transpersonal psychologist who counsels from the cutting edge of my own awakening heart. I bring an integral perspective to cognitive/behavioral counseling with powerful, joyful results.

As a transpersonal psychologist, my orientation to my work is spiritual. My theoretical foundations are integral philosophy and evolutionary spirituality. I use prayer, meditation, intuition and deep relational process to explore healing and enlightenment.

My focus is inspiring you to create consciously evolving, loving relationships, free from old limits, leaning forward into the thrilling, fulfilling possibilities of sacred mutuality.

If you are open to therapy from a spiritual perspective, I can guide you to personal freedom, and deeply loving relationships, with the most transformational, purpose-driven counseling you will ever experience!

We will consciously join with the Holy Spirit, and access Divine Wisdom. Together, we will create the most effective plan for evolving any heartbreak you may have suffered, into the love that heals the world.

I offer phone/Skype sessions globally, so we can connect anywhere on the planet.

Client Testimonial:

“Dr. Julianne’s work is amazing! I have been through every kind of therapy, and nothing else even comes close. I have been at war with a family member all my life, and now I can accept them, and myself, with love. I am at peace with God for the first time. I’m happier, more connected, and more focused now than I have ever been.”

– Jonathan, Kihei, Hawaii