Dr. Julianne Hanson

Psychologist - Chaplain - Intuitive

About Me

Dr. Julianne Hanson has a Ph.D. in Psychology, and is a licensed psychologist with a transpersonal/spiritual orientation.  She has worked for over 20 years in all levels of the profession of counseling psychology. Her healing work is guided by a passionate communion with Spirit.

Julianne happily lives on Maui, Hawaii, where she serves as chaplain emeritus with Unity Church.  She has hosted talk radio in Hawaii and appeared on local television. She speaks and writes on the topics of divine love, conscious relationships, and integral/evolutionary enlightenment.


ALOHA  ALL,  I’m thrilled to announce that my online series, “http://WE  AWAKEN.com,” will be available soon. The series offers progressive lessons that explore how evolving consciousness in the WE SPACE can lead us to a more sacred, authentic, deeply connected and loving life. The first class in the series is, “EXPLORING WE.” My special bonus for the first 20 participants are personal counseling sessions that reveal, and shift, ego patterns, to quicken awakening. A free webinar, “The New Enlightenment – How WE Awaken To Love,” introducing the series, will be offered March, 2013.


I would be honored to help you experience the personal freedom and loving, conscious  relationships of your dreams.   Click here to get started


Click here to  Get to know Dr. Julianne by visiting her blog: “I warmly invite you to visit my blog. My posts focus on what I learn about evolving myself, and how we can all evolve our relationships. I hope my own lessons will bring you practical inspiration and occasionally, laughter. I would love to read your comments or respond to your questions.”