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Introducing Online Series – WE AWAKEN

Posted by admin - February 3rd, 2013

ALOHA  from Maui, Hawaii, Dear Ones!  It’s wonderful to be with you again! I’ve been deeply focused on the study and practice of integral/evolutionary spirituality. While the call of traditional enlightenment is an expansive peace and silence, the call of evolutionary enlightenment is an, “ecstatic urgency.” That urgency has become so prevalent in my consciousness, I’ve realized the time to start teaching more publicly, is now.

I’m thrilled to announce that my online series, WeAwaken.com, will be available soon. The series offers progressive lessons that explore how evolving consciousness in the 21st century can lead us to a more sacred, authentic, deeply connected and loving life. The first class in the series is, “Exploring WE.” My special bonus for the first 20 participants are personal counseling sessions that reveal, and shift, ego patterns, to quicken awakening. A free webinar, “The New Enlightenment – How WE Awaken to Love,” introducing the series, will be offered March, 2013.

This moment is precious to me. All life experience has been evolving my consciousness to a place where I can begin to actively contribute to conscious evolution in the world.

The evolutionary spirituality movement  represents a new awareness for most of us, a different way of looking at science’s greatest discovery. My current favorite quote about the spiritual view of the evolutionary process is from Marc Gafni, “Evolution is not the enemy of the mystery–evolution is the mechanism of the mystery.”

Oneness with the eternal, timeless, changeless ground of being has been the goal of traditional enlightenment. Through some miracle of hydrogen molecules plus divine grace, spirit came into form. We are That, manifestations of the active face of God, becoming, evolving, moving forward towards the greatest good.

The new enlightenment, evolutionary enlightenment, seeks to align us with that active face of God, as souls, becoming, within a field of Divine Love.

The evolutionary perspective is powerfully transformative. It means our lives are not fixed, that our awareness is a process, fluid, changing. We live in a field of infinite possibility. Our illusion is not that life on earth is separate from the glories of heaven. Our illusion is that both heaven and earth are solid, that we are things, living in one place or another.

We are a process, alive as, within, a process that is both eternal and evolving! We are in this process, together, deeply interconnected beyond our prior imagination. The essence, the fabric of that process is sacred love.

When we come together in this awareness, we have access to a higher, deeper wisdom that arises between, inside of, each other. We can wake up, together. In this, “We Space,” we can wake up more easily, more quickly, and more reliably, than we ever could by practicing alone.

This is the experience I want to share with you in my new online series, “http://WeAwaken.com.”

The free introductory webinar, “The New Enlightenment – How We Awaken to Love,” will be available in March. Many amazing souls are excited to participate. I so hope you’ll join us!

Love and blessings,

Dr. Julianne